How to Fill Balance in Slot Gambling via Funds Equipped with the Latest 2022 Tips

Slot gambling via DANA is now not as difficult as imagined. You can play slots without having to use a personal account, just use the DANA digital wallet and the payment system will be easier. Already know how? Read through the explanation below!

Based on the official explanation, DANA is an Indonesian digital wallet designed to make every non-cash and non-card transaction digitally, both online and offline so that it can run quickly, practically, and remains guaranteed in terms of security.

With DANA, people can become more productive, efficient, and competent. DANA can also be optimized to support the government’s commitment to save the cost of production and distribution of physical money, as well as increase financial literacy and inclusion of the Indonesian people.

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Understand how to top up a trusted slot gambling balance via funds as follows.

How to Fill Slot Gambling Balance via Funds
How to top up DANA balance via ATM
Top up your DANA balance via bank transfer using a virtual account (VA). You can use this method through BRI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga, Panin, OCBC, BTN banks, and others.

Open the DANA app
Select the Top Up menu
Choose a bank transfer payment method and select a bank
You will get a VA code which is used to top up
Go to the ATM and enter and PIN
Select the Other Transactions menu
Select Transfer
Select Go to Virtual Account
Enter the virtual account code that was previously obtained
Enter the nominal for filling the DANA balance
Follow the next instructions until the balance filling is successful
How to Top up FUND Balance via M-Banking
Open the DANA app
Select the Top Up menu
Choose the payment method via and get a VA code for top up
Login ke m-Banking gacor303
Select menu m-Transfer
Select Go to Virtual Account
Enter the VA code that was previously obtained
Don’t forget to enter the nominal for filling the DANA balance
Enter m-Banking PIN
Follow the next instructions until the balance filling process is successful
How to Top up DANA Balance via Internet Banking
Login ke internet banking
Select the FUND transfer menu
Select Transfer to Virtual Account
Enter the virtual account number that has been obtained from the DANA application
Enter the nominal DANA balance
Follow the next instructions until the balance filling is successful
How to Top up DANA Balance via Minimarket
Come to the cashier and tell me you want to top up your DANA balance
Provide the mobile number registered in the DANA application
Mention the nominal amount of the DANA balance that you want to top up, the minimum filling is IDR 50 thousand
The cashier will process the top up of the DANA balance
You just pay to the cashier

The most important key to filling slot gambling balances via DANA is understanding how to top up DANA from the various sources above. After the balance is filled, you can contact the admin of the online gambling site or follow the instructions of the website further so that the gambling balance is immediately filled from the DANA.

Tips for Choosing a Deposit Slot Gambling Site Using DANA
Have an Official License
Trusted slot bookies must have special licenses from world gambling service providers such as Nexusengine, Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and so on.

For example, VIP579 itself has obtained a certificate from Nexusengine so that it is able to uphold privacy and a satisfying gaming experience for users.

To ensure every game is fair and safe, every product is managed and designed with the most advanced methods. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to use this slot game site.

Offering Various Types of Games
Not only a trusted online slot gambling site bookie , a gambling site must offer a variety of other game options such as live casino, arcade games, poker, to lottery games.

Like in VIP579, the most popular online slot bookie in Indonesia offers online slot games to virtual sports games.

Everything can be accessed on one page. Not only through PCs, booming slot game gambling sites like VIP579 can even be accessed via smartphones.

Complete Payment Method
A good list of trusted online slot gambling sites must offer complete payment methods, from bank transfers to popular e-wallet services such as Gopay, OVO, to DANA.

Through VIP579 , you can even top-up deposits through Indosat, XL, and Telkomsel providers. The deposit fee is only IDR 2,000 with a minimum withdrawal of IDR 50,000.